Ten Things To Know About Cannabis

Ten Things To Know About Cannabis

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, there has been a tremendous increase in research and information readily available. We encourage everyone to do their own research to find what’s best for them. Here are ten things we think you should know….

  1. Of the adults who consume cannabis, 91% consume for health and wellness purposes – the old “stoner” stereotype has all but faded away.

  2. As of April 2023, cannabis has been legalized for medical or recreational use in 38 states. The state laws vary widely and national legalization remains in the future. 

  3. A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll showed that 37% of US adult women consume cannabis, but they don't talk about it with family or friends.

  4. A new report forecasts that cannabis sales will exceed $33.5 billion in 2023, topping chocolate, eggs and craft beer.

  5. Cannabis contains over 100 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, with the most well-known being THC (responsible for producing the "high") and CBD (known for relieving anxiety, sleeplessness and chronic pain).

  6. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study showing that 1 in 4 adults with chronic pain is turning to cannabis.

  7. The American Medical Association (AMA) found that chronic pain patients who received medical marijuana saw significant reductions in opioid prescriptions.

  8. The American Cancer Society has reported that cannabis can be helpful in treating the nausea and vomiting side effects of chemotherapy.

  9. Additional research shows that cannabis can bring tranquility to late-stage Alzheimer's patients tormented by bad memories or memory loss. 

  10. More and more cannabis users are concerned about quality. According to Leafly, “most cannabis producers do implement some sort of pesticide into their growing methods”.  All the more reason to GROW YOUR OWN WITH ANNABOTO!!
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