Apply to be an Annaboto Influencer

At Annaboto, we're passionate about the transformative power of cannabis and believe in the influence you hold to inspire more enthusiasts through your personal narrative.

It's essential to foster a community that understands the origins and benefits of cannabis, ultimately leading to a healthier and more informed society.

Why be an Annaboto Affiliate?

  • Highlight the advantages of cultivating cannabis at home
  • Become part of our sustainability initiative
  • Commission type: Percent Of Sale
  • Commission amount: 10%
  • Additional terms: You will get a 10% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or uses your coupon code.



How does this partnership work?

You will receive an Annaboto machine in order for you to create and post your Annaboto Journey. We will work 1 on 1 on topic themes to discuss, media format, and channels to distribute your content. We will provide you with the materials for one complete grow, along with a referral code to share with your community. You will be compensated for each machine sold using your personalized code.


How does the referral code work?

Once accepted, you will receive a personalized code to share with your friends and family. Whoever uses your code will receive $50 off their Annaboto. You will receive $50 each time a machine is purchased using your code. There is no limit to the number of times you use your code!


What social media platforms are ideal?

Instagram and YouTube are ideal platforms, but we are happy to work with incredible content creators in other channels.


What if I have a small following?

To receive a free machine, we aim to reach creators that have a following of 7k. That being said, we evaluate content creators on an individual basis, and encourage you to apply regardless of your audience size!


Where can I be a content creator?

You can be located within the United States, Canada or Mexico


When will I hear back from you?

We try to get back to all applicants within two weeks.