Experience The Annaboto


  • View your plant anytime from anywhere, and share with your friends.
    Download a timelapse of your plant's growth.
    Estimate the harvest date.
    Monitor and adjust the plant's environment with software-controlled outlets (e.g. humidifier) from your phone
    Get alerts if the plant needs help.
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General Tech Specs


  • 120 VAC, 3 A Typical
  • 4 x Software Controlled Outlets, 1200 Watts Max Output


  • Supported OS - iOS & Android
  • Over the air firmware and software upgrades
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet


  • 200W Max Power LED, Focused to 38 Degrees
  • Dimmability: 40-100%
  • Full spectrum for all phases of plant growth


  • Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Air Humidity Sensor
  • Water Level Sensors


  • Air temperature and humidity control
  • Drying mode
  • Automatic nutrient dosing
  • Deep Water Culture hydroponics system
  • Automatic water fill and drain
  • Odor management active carbon filter
  • HD camera
  • App controlled
See it in 3d

So, what's the journey like?

Behind The Scenes

For the nerds

More Specs



  • Annaboto uses 2 x 100W COB LEDs powered by Meanwell Drivers
  • White Light - 6000-6500K Temperature
  • Orange Light - 3000-3500K Temperature
  • Aluminum Heatsinks with Fans and Overtemp Protection
  • Lenses focus light to 38 Degrees
  • Both lights are independently dimmable

Nutrient Micro Dosing

  • Peristaltic Pumps are used to pump each of the 4 fertilizers we use.
  • The pumps and the sensing attached to them provide us with +/- 0.05 ml accuracy


Vision and AI

  • We use a 5MP camera with auto-focus to help take pictures on a daily basis in a consistent.
  • We take a picture every 15 minutes.
  • Pictures help determine plant health and stage.
  • We also provide you with access to a video timelapse so you can see your babies grow.

Environmental Control

  • There are 4 software controlled outlets in the back of the Annaboto.
  • Each outlet can be configured for different accessories like humidifiers and heaters (just in case the environment is too harsh)
  • You can power a maximum of 1000W worth of simultaneously running accessories.

Odor Management

  • Oh, yes! The odor. Some people love it, some people don't.
  • We have a customer controlled fan built into the lamp that can suck the stinky air through a consumable filter to help manage the odor.