How the grow machine works

Grow two to three ounces every three months. Annaboto automates and optimizes the growing environment. Our unique approach makes it simple to grow pesticide-free cannabis at home.

See for yourself

Two different light temperatures are combined for a perfect spectrum that helps plants thrive at different stages.

AI Vision System control plant's health.

Odor Control System with replaceable carbon filters.

DWC Hydroponics with robotic nutrient microdosing.

Configurable Outlets for accessories such as a dehumidifier or heater.

Data Collection Platform collects plant and environmental snapshots every 15 seconds.


Annaboto comes with a full-featured phone App for monitoring and maintenance of your grow.

  • App Home - Control and monitor Annaboto from your phone

  • Plant View - View your plant anytime, download a timelapse of its growth, and estimate the harvest date

  • Device Settings - Monitor environment and adjust with software-controlled outlets (e.g. humidifier)

No detail is overlooked and you can easily get alerts and manage your plant from anywhere.

This is not your average growing machine. Designed to beautifully share your living space, Annaboto’s technology combines hydroponics, artificial intelligence, and robotics to create a hassle-free growing experience.

The Annaboto