Purchasing Annaboto


If I order today, when will I receive my Annaboto?

Once you place your order, it typically takes 3-5 for your Annaboto to arrive.


How long will it take for my plant to grow?

Growing time depends on the seed you choose and your environment. Typically, it takes around 90 days from seed.


What's included in my starter kit?

Annaboto Device
Lamp with Odor Management System
Power Cord
Nutrient Cartridge for One Plant
Grow Pod for One Plant, including our root starter and humidity dome
Two Grove Bags


What is the average monthly cost for running the machine?

Generally, it’s an additional $10-15 a month in electricity costs. But of course it depends on the accessories you are using with Annaboto and where you live.


What strains do you recommend?

While Annaboto can pretty much grow any plant, we are currently optimizing the AI for Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis and/or Hemp Seeds.

Feminized seeds are bred to produce only female plants with consumable flowers, as opposed to regular seeds that have a 50% chance of producing male plants. Feminized cannabis seeds contain a high amount of cannabinoids compared to male cannabis. Strains are often bred for maximum potency and aroma.

Autoflowering seeds produce plants that flower automatically around 2–4 weeks into the growing cycle. You don't need to worry about switching light schedules to initiate and maintain the flowering phase or be concerned with stressing the plant if something goes wrong. This is the primary difference when compared to growing photoperiod cannabis strains.


Do you sell seeds?

We do not sell the seeds for your Annaboto machine. Instead, we focus on making precise, innovative hardware that will take care of the growing for you. If you are curious about where to get your seed, or what strain you should get, please feel free to contact us and we will guide you! Wherever you source your seed, you will need a feminized auto flowering seed for your Annaboto.

Growing with Annaboto


What seeds do you recommend?

So far, our fan favorites are:

  • Tangie-o-Matic - This is a Sativa-leaning strain that is great for watching bad 80’s movies while eating ice cream on the couch and laughing a ton. It’s also good for a walk in the park and being creative. It smells like Tangerines and IPAs while it’s flowering. Yum!
  • Zkittlez - This is an Indica- leaning strain that is great for vegging out. Good for sleep. Smells sweet. ZZzzzzzzz.
  • Girl Scout Cookies - This is a hybrid. It has a little bit of everything. Totally a fan favorite. Good for any occasion. Also, it DOES smell like cookies. This is a great one to start with.

What nutrients do you use?

Ah! This is our secret sauce!


How often should I add water?

Every week for the first five weeks. Depending on how the plant is growing you may have to add water more frequently. Don’t worry, Annaboto will remind you.


Do I need to keep this device next to a window or sunlight?

No, but we have found that the plants love the extra sunlight.


Can I move Annaboto around my home?

You can certainly move the device around in-between grows. However, we don’t recommend moving the device when there is active growth because water may spill over or the plant might fall over. We highly recommend keeping the device in place while a plant is actively growing.


Can you smell the cannabis odor in the room?

Different strains of cannabis have different smells and potencies. Therefore, the scent you'll get from a plant will vary from plant to plant. Our proprietary Odor Management System will significantly reduce the odor regardless of the strain.


Can I put Annaboto outside?

No, please don't. Annaboto is for indoor use only.


Can I grow cannabis in my living room?

That depends on your local laws. But we think you should if you can! Let’s normalize our cannabis use for health and wellness.


Is there any customer support available?

Absolutely, we've got you covered. Feel free to reach out to us through email or engage with our live chat support. You can also tap into our Knowledge Base. If you purchase the yearly subscriptions, you will get personalized grow guidance. Our goal is to ensure you have all the support you need for a successful growing experience.


My plant is not growing properly. What is the problem?

Please contact live customer support so we can diagnose the issue with you.

Growing and Harvesting Tips


How can I tell when my plant is ready for harvesting?

There are different indicators that help with this. Our mobile app has a step-by-step guide to help you understand when to harvest and our AI is being trained to help predict when to harvest so you don’t have to guess.


How do I harvest my plant?

Our mobile App has a step-by-step guide to help harvest the plant and the device comes with best-in-class snips to help with the process.


Should I trim my cannabis plant?

You can choose a hand’s off approach if you'd like, and the plant will just grow naturally.

But if you want a higher yield and a bit more involvement, we recommend you trim the plant - we provide a step-by-step guide through our Support Helpdesk.


How do I dry cannabis at home?

When you purchase Annaboto, you'll receive everything you need to dry the flower. And our App has a step-by-step guide to drying your plant.


How do I know if cannabis is dry enough?

Our App has a step-by-step guide to help you correctly identify when the flower is dry enough to store.


How do I store cannabis?

We include a couple of mason jars to help with storage as well as humidity packs that help maintain the best environment possible.

The technologies behind annaboto


How does Annaboto put technology to work?

  • Deep Water Culture — (DWC) is a hydroponic method of plant production by suspending the plant roots in a nutrient-rich, oxygenated water solution. It's called deep water culture for two reasons; one is because of the deep nutrient reservoir, which stores a large amount of nutrient-rich water. The second reason is because of how much root is submerged in the nutrient-rich water. The roots are going to stay in water on a 24-hour basis. This means no soil is used whatsoever.
  • COB Lights — Chip-on-board or COB refers to mounting a bare LED chip in direct contact with a substrate (such as silicon carbide) to produce LED arrays. COB technology allows for a much higher packing density of the LED array, or what light engineers refer to as improved lumen density. Using COB LED technology can significantly reduce the footprint and energy consumption of the LED array while keeping light output constant. This means more light for your plants at a lower cost to you.
  • Odor Management — We have a patent-pending design that uses the lamp and its legs to help manage the plant's odor with active filtration. We want you to grow plants in your living spaces (where allowed) and don’t want you to be inconvenienced by the smell.
  • Artificial Intelligence — The device collects data, such as local temperature and humidity, and the camera takes regular pictures of the plant. By combining these data points along with data from all other Annabotos in the world, we can design an AI that optimizes and creates unique recipes for your plant, in your environment, and for all stages of plant growth. All knowledge is shared between devices so that Annaboto users can grow like professionals with minimal effort or expertise.
  • Robotic Nutrient Dispensing — The plant roots are placed directly in the water, so they have immediate access to nutrients. This is great for plant growth when the nutrients are carefully measured and administered. We use robotic technology to ensure this critical process happens correctly and consistently.

What's the AI used for?

Artificial Intelligence is used in several ways:

  • To craft unique (nutrient, light, temp, humidity) recipes for your specific plant in your particular environment, at all plant life stages.
  • To identify and diagnose plant issues.
  • To understand how all the Annabotos around the world are performing and share best practices with each other.

Because images are used to train Artificial Intelligence and better understand the plant, we only need photos of a plant. If a person happens to be in the frame when we take a picture, we use a tool that blurs the image at the source, so no faces make it to our database. We are committed to your privacy!


Is the Annaboto App available for Android and iOS?

Yes, the App is available for both Android and iOS phones.


Will there be any software upgrades available?

From time to time, Boundless Robotics will release software updates to help improve the experience for all users. You'll need to accept the software upgrade through our App.

Why is Annaboto different?


What makes Annaboto a better choice than other devices on the market today?

Annaboto is not a typical grow machine. Its small footprint and beautiful design fits in almost any living space. Annnaboto’s advanced technology automates the growing process so all you have to do is add water and push a button. So simple.


Is it really easy to grow with Annaboto?

YES!! You just add water and push a button, then enjoy a growing experience. And Annaboto's mobile App keeps you up to date on your grow, anytime and from anywhere.


How will my data be used?

We are very concerned about privacy, and we'll do everything we can to protect your privacy. It’s important.

We collect data on temperature, humidity, light intensity, water consumption, plant images, etc. We use this data to help train Artificial Intelligence and create custom recipes for your plant.

We also collect data like your zip code to better understand where you are to factor in the water composition to further optimize the grow recipe.

We'll collect your name and email (on a completely separate database) to offer you better customer support.