Why We Do This

We're on a mission to make high quality cannabis more accessible to the millions of people who rely on this amazing plant – that’s why we invented the automated growing machine, Annaboto. With Annaboto, you can grow safe, pesticide-free cannabis, at home, all year long.

Annaboto combines hydroponics, AI and robotics so you can successfully grow the exact strain of cannabis you want, effortlessly - simply by adding water and pushing a button. 

We’re proud to be nurturing a community of responsible cannabis consumers who appreciate the positive impact the plant has had on so many lives, and who enjoy bringing the growing experience into their living room to share with family and friends.

We believe high quality cannabis should be more accessible to the millions of people who rely on the plant for their health and wellness.

We've solved the challenges of growing your own at home with our automated growing machine, Annaboto.

From the moment you become a customer, we’ll support you throughout the growing and harvesting process, while our mobile App lets you monitor the growth of your plant from anywhere.

We're also developing a community of Annaboto users so you can share ideas, experiences and recommendations.