Dan's Stealth Cannabis Decarb Technique

Dan's Stealth Cannabis Decarb Technique

If you were to consume a whole dried or raw cannabis bud, you wouldn’t feel the effects of the THC within it. Why? Because the cannabinoids within that bud haven’t been activated yet, and because they are not intoxicating in nature. 

To activate the cannabinoids, you must decarb or decarboxylate the cannabis. Decarboxylation refers to the process of heating cannabis to activate the plant’s cannabinoids and unleash the benefits of THC or CBD. This is an essential step for anyone interested in making cannabis edibles, topicals, or oils at home.

That said, here’s how to decarb your cannabis at home:


  1. Break the cannabis buds into popcorn-sized pieces
  2. Place in a Mason jar and close the lid
  3. Bake at 240F for 40 minutes. (For best results, turn the oven on an hour before so that the temperature is consistent throughout)
  4. Shake the jar once or twice while baking.
  5. Let cool in the oven.  Don’t open the lid until it reaches room temperature.

The last step in the directions is critically important. Leaving the sealed lid in place will help contain the terpenes, which will help cut down on odor and produce a better finished product.

Author: Dan DaChef

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