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  • Plant Icon Grow 2 - 3 oz of premium flower every 90 days = Pays for itself in less than a year
    Robot Icon Hydroponics + Robotics + AI = No green thumb required
    Home Icon Elevated Design = An artful way to grow clean cannabis in your living space
    Happy Icon Annaboto adjusts to your plant’s needs = Grow the strain you love, anytime
    Customer Support Icon We love what we do and we care = We’re there when you need us
Made in USA


  • When you grow your own, you know! No pesticides and always fresh.
    It’s ok to travel. Just top off the water tank and go!
    Oh, and monitor it with the mobile app from anywhere!
    Designed and manufactured in New England. Made with love in the USA.
    Real people to help you in real time, always.
    90-Day Risk Free Guarantee - Don't like it? Send it back!
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Our team is here to support you throughout the entirety of your grow.

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  • View your plant anytime from anywhere, and share with your friends.
    Download a timelapse of your plant's growth.
    Estimate the harvest date.
    Monitor and adjust the plant's environment with software-controlled outlets (e.g. humidifier) from your phone
    Get alerts if the plant needs help.
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Why should I grow at home?

When you grow you own, you know! As simple as that.

You will know that your flower is pesticide free, fresh, and clean.

You will also be able to dose appropriately because you will get a consistent product.

You can grow difficult to find strains or you favorite strain. Never worry about whether you will be able to find that kush you like so much!


Where is it legal to grow at home?

The laws are always changing so you have to look at the latest information to really understand the legality of home cultivation. Check out this blog or Wikipedia has the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Having said that, local laws should also be observed and you may want to check with your HOA or building as well.

We make it easy, but the regulation does not.

If your state is not legal yet, write to your representatives.


What comes in the package?

In essence, everything you need to grow a full plant except for the water and the seed:

  • 1 x Annaboto
  • 1 x Lamp
  • Power Cables
  • Lamp Shade
  • Teflon Coated Snips
  • Odor Filter
  • 2 x Cure and Store Grove Bags
  • 1 x Nutrient Cartridge

What you will need for every grow is:


How much should I expect?

On average, you should expect 2-3 ounces of premium flower every 90 days.

This will highly depend on the seed, the environment, and you ability to cycle the water weekly.

If you pick an Autoflower seed with high-quality genetics, you should expect the 2-3 ounces plus trimming which can be used to make edibles.

A typical ounce of premium flower is ~$300, so this pays for itself pretty quickly too!


How much work is expected of me?

On average, you will spend about 30 minutes per week on adding water and cycling the water. You may also need to trim some leaves here and there. We will help you with this.

When the plant is ready to harvest, you should set aside a couple of hours. This happens once every grow.

That's it! The technology takes care of the rest! Learn more here.

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