Rent Annaboto for one monthly cost, commitment free

Cancel or buy out at anytime. Free returns. Terms apply.¹

Annaboto Monthly

$75/mo for Annaboto, Annaboto Starter Kit, Consumable Kits as Needed, and Access to Grower Community.

$300 one-time delivery and starter kit fee.

On average, you will be able to harvest every 90 days and get 2-3oz of flower.*

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App and grower community included

grow like a pro

Our Robotanist™ technology takes input from the camera on Annaboto as well as environmental data to ensure success for your plant. You just need to add water and trim here and there.

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Buyout Options

Yes, you can choose to buy out and own your Annaboto at any time during your rental. Prices are determined based on when you choose to buy out your Annaboto. Not eligible for financing. Buyouts are not eligible for financing.

Annaboto buyout pricing by date of buyout:
$1,195 at day 0 to 3 months
$1,095 at 3 months, 1 day to 6 months
$995 at 6 months, 1 day to 12 months
$795 at 12 months, 1 day to 24 months
$300 on or after 24 months, 1 day

After buying out your Annaboto, you’ll roll into the a-la-carte system with access to yearly memberships.


Rent cancellation and returns

You can cancel your rental agreement at any time and have your Annaboto shipped back for free.

You can pause your Annaboto Membership or monthly rental payments for a one month period during your rental duration. Annaboto Rental members who cancel their membership cannot rent again within 12 months.


Annaboto Rental Membership

The Annaboto Rental Membership unlocks:

  • Consumables Kits for each plant you grow on the Annaboto you're renting (up to 6 per year)
  • Access to our Robotanist Community
  • Real-time, real-people customer support

Delivery and setup

Your Annaboto will be delivered to
your home for you to set up. After setup and configuration (2 hrs), you'll be able to start your own grow!

All Annaboto rentals will have a one-time delivery fee of $300, due at checkout.

Delivery is not available to AK, HI, or PR. Additional delivery fees may apply to ferry-only accessible locations and certain other remote
locations. Annaboto Rental members are allowed to move their systems as long as they move within the continental U.S.


New and refurbished Annabotos

Rented Annaboto systems are a mix of new and refurbished Annabotos that are thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested to ensure they pass our quality inspection in order to be ready for you to start growing at home. Refurbished Annabotos may have slight cosmetic damage such as minor scratches.


Rental eligibility

Renting an Annaboto is available for Members in the continental US.



Find compatible accessories on our tested accessories page.



  • Depending on the cultivar that you choose to grow, you can expect to harvest a plant every 90 days and get 2-3 ounces of flower plus trimmings.
  • Your ability to properly cycle the water weekly will impact the harvest outcome. This is a quick an easy thing (e.g. fill fresh tank, press button, empty old water), but it has to be done weekly.
  • Plants are organic things and the output can vary wildly. However, we will monitor your plant and be available to help all along the way.
  • You should plan to keep the system at least 4 months to see a full grow.

Commercial Use

Subscriptions are only available for individual households at this time.

However, if you are interested, reach out to us using our Contact page and we would love to have a chat with you.

¹Program only available for the Annaboto System and may not be available in certain remote locations. Annaboto Startup fee and cost of Annaboto Rental Membership billed automatically to your payment method in equal monthly installments until canceled. Can be canceled anytime by contacting, but all amounts paid are nonrefundable. Cannot be combined with certain other offers. Void where prohibited. Boundless Robotics may modify, suspend or cancel the program at any time for any or no reason. See Rental Terms and Conditions for details.