Dan's Cannabis Tincture

Dan's Cannabis Tincture

Like any good cannabis consumer, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to consume your favorite strains. 

One of our favorite methods for using cannabis is to create a tincture. An easy, straightforward process, creating a cannabis tincture allows you to store the cannabis for weeks or months without losing potency. Additionally, alcohol-based cannabis extracts tend to provide more rapid results than cannabis edibles. It’s also great for infusing your nighttime tea, two hours prior to going to bed! 

Follow these directions to make your homemade cannabis tincture:


  • 0.5 oz decarboxylated cannabis buds
  • 1 cup pure ethanol (Everclear) or 151 proof liquor


  1. Freeze the ethanol in the bottle or in a jar
  2. Place the cannabis in a Mason jar with a lid and freeze for an hour
  3. Shake the cannabis jar vigorously to dislodge the trichomes
  4. Add the alcohol to cover the cannabis
  5. Shake the jar vigorously for one minute
  6. Put the jar in the freezer for a week; Freezing inhibits chlorophyll from leaching into the tincture
  7. Shake it once a day
  8. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth-lined sieve or a coffee filter
  9. Store the tincture in a dark jar or dark place and keep it cool. (Try these droppers if you want to share.)

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